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At the end of the minute there was a click from the machine and Bond straightened himself.
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Mina if she survive is my sole heir.
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Bond looked across into the eyes of murky basalt.
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Well, said Rabbit, nobody has seen him for a long time, so I suppose he is.
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He was to have gone for his betrothed at dusk, and to have escorted her home.
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With his flat wooden spatula, like a long bricklayers trowel, the croupier delicately lifted up the Greeks two cards and dropped them with a quick movement an extra few inches to the right so that they lay just before the Greeks pale hairy hands which lay inert like two watchful pink crabs on the table.
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I know the bones of the case, but he can fill in the flesh.
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The man on the ground suddenly felt lonely.
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He and his job would have been stripped naked.
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He ordered coffee to be brought to the table and then he rose and walked swiftly to the courtyard.
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With these proud words he gave Christopher Robin the missage.
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At this glimpse he nearly fell from his hold through excess of horror.
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With him she had no inhibitions.
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Bending closely over him, I at length drank in the hideous import of his words.
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Bonds body crashed into the bend and round it.
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Kronsteen had slowly removed the right hand from his cheek and had stretched it across the board.
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Van Helsing went about his work systematically.
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Rosa Klebb got to her feet and came round the desk.
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The widest portion was within eighty yards of the southern extreme.
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He said reassuringly, Of course you couldnt.
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In a moment the balls of his hands would meet the metal.
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