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I have tested the bore water in my project for construction quality and it doesn’t meet the required specification of Indian Standards (Table 1- Cl 5.4 in IS 456). I have 650 mg/l for chlorides and 860 mg/l for Organic solids.But when I checked it with American Standards (ASTM C1620 Table 2_ I have attached it along with this post), it seems to meet the required specification. Are Indian Standards are too conservative in water quality ?. Purchasing water from outside has some problem like cost of it will be higher during summer, we can’t monitor the quality of it for each and each every tank etc,. I’m not sure whether I’m right about it, please correct if I’m wrong.Can I proceed with this bore water or should I need to purchase it from outside?Why I can’t consider American standards ? Because our code books also take reference from other country standards.

Please help.

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